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Keep Animals Out of Your
Home and Business

No one wants pests, rodents or other animals getting into their home or business. Even small insects can cause significant damage, if not addressed quickly. When larger pests, such as rodents, find a way into your property,
the damage is even greater.

Signs that you may need Animal Proofing

If your home or business is infested with any pests or animals, you need East & West Pest Control's animal proofing services to rid your property of the animals and prevent future infestations.


Identifying points of entry, nesting areas and areas of activity is critical in animal proofing. Our technicians conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business. Then a customized treatment program is created to take care of the animal problem quickly and efficiently.


After inspection, traps are set to remove the animals. Repair can also be carried out, if needed. Once the animal infestation is removed, the affected entry points are fixed to prevent future infestations.

Customer Satisfaction

As licensed, insured and experienced service providers, we make sure the job is done efficiently.


Maintenance trapping and baiting services are available in cases of a recurring animal problem on your property.


We specialize in wildlife removal, exclusion and prevention as well as wildlife damage repair,
making your home or business completely animal proof.

What to do if I see signs of animals on my property?

If you have noticed any warning signs of the presence of animals on your property, contact us immediately. At East & West Pest Control, our professional exterminators have the knowledge, experience and products to eliminate any infestation with trap placement, damage repair and preventive solutions.

How to prevent a wildlife problem in the future?

To prevent future infestations, seal any open entry points to the attic. Install chimney caps and vent screens. Trim back vegetation that makes it easy to climb onto the roof or chimney.

How do I Get Rid of Wildlife On My Property?

If you need help with wildlife control, follow these steps.



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Schedule prompt animal control service with one of our certified technicians.



Our technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and property and carry out a customized, effective pest or wildlife control and fully address the existing problem as well as suggest measures to prevent future ones.

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