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Proudly Serving Suffolk County Long Island Residents & Businesses

East & West Pest Control is professional pest control at a price you can afford! We’re a small, local, family owned and operated company offering full service pest and nuisance wildlife control. Our fully licensed and insured team leverages years of expertise to help you get rid of indoor and outdoor pests as well as wildlife to keep them away long after we’ve delivered our services. If there’s any mess from pests, our sister company Clean Out King’s can help remediate any damages to your property or home that may have occurred from any of our local pests or wildlife.

About Us


Full Service Pest Control

Pest & Wildlife Remediation & Disinfection Services in Suffolk County


With our pest, rodent and wildlife animal control services, we make sure your home is animal-proof. Our animal removal, trapping
and exclusion services are designed for your peace of mind and protection.

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East & West Pest Control eliminates insects, such as bees, wasps and hornets from your homes and businesses. Our licensed technicians will inspect your home or business for these pests, monitors the and treat to resolve the existing problem and prevent future issues.

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General Insects Control

East & West Pest Control is here to handle any pest problem and is also is known for our prompt and thorough services.

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Mole/Vole Control

Moles can cause extensive damage to your property, especially your yard. Trapping and exclusion are the most effective ways to resolve an existing mole/vole infestation and to prevent them from coming back.

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Nuisance Wildlife Control

Whether it’s raccoons, squirrels, bats or other wildlife, they belong in nature, not your home. At East & West Pest Control we ensure wildlife doesn’t cause damage to your property by
handling and removing them efficiently and safely.

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Rodent Control

Rodent infestations are serious and should be addressed as soon as possible! We use a step-by-step rodent removal process to keep your home safe, sanitary and rodent-free.

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Termite/Wood Destroying Insect Inspections & Treatments

A termite colony can wreak havoc if it goes undetected and untreated. East & West Pest Controls’ professionals are extensively trained on termite control, including properly using the products and processes needed to battle aggressive termite colonies and prevent future termite attacks.

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Tick & Mosquito Programs

Keep your outdoor living spaces safe and comfortable with East & West Pest Controls’ tick and mosquito control. Ticks and mosquitoes put you and your loved ones at risk for various diseases. We provide tick and mosquito control treatments every few weeks.

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Clean Outs
Remediation & more

Want to live pest-free all year-round? Whether you’re building a home or living in your existing house, we ensure your health and safety with customized services for clean outs, remediation and more!

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Prevention & Maintenance Plans Available

We offer Year-round ,Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly & Seasonal service plans of all pest types tutored to each clients personal pest problem.

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 by Tara V on East & West Pest Control
Clean Outs

My experience was outstanding Dalton was professional knowledgeable on time solved my issues and I couldn’t recommend anybody more highly.

 by Tara V on East & West Pest Control
Clean Outs

My experience was outstanding Dalton was professional knowledgeable on time solved my issues and I couldn’t recommend anybody more highly.

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